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The Wellbeing Incentive

A Corporate Wellbeing Training programme by Terrence the Teacher


What is the Programme?

A training programme over 8 weeks, using the Mindfulness model, that teaches practical, easy-to-implement methods for increased personal wellbeing and work life optimisation.

Course Objectives

  • To increase participants’ personal understanding of wellbeing and the important role it plays in their lives
  • To teach mindfulness and meditation in a practical way for daily application
  • To help implement mindfulness methods for use at home and at work
  • To look at wellbeing from a broader angle to include things like: sleep, health & fitness, nutrition, mental health issues
  • To create an understanding of the role companies play in employee wellbeing
  • To leave the company and its employees with practical guidance for a more sustainable way to engage in the workplace







Just Breathe

A Complete results-based Mindfulness Programme



Effecttive tools to deal with Insomnia and create better sleeping habits


Health, Fitness & Nutrition

Easy to implement guidelines for a improved relationship with exercise and better nutrition


Mental Health

A sensitive guideline to understanding the issues that can affect anyone and how to embrace self care

” The Sustainability of our Planet , starts with the Sustainability of the Individual “


Arianna Huffington

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